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Bonding, Shaping, Contouring

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Bonding, Shaping, And Contouring

Many patients want the benefits of cosmetic dentistry without extensive time spent in the chair or costly treatment. Dental bonding is a great option if you’re looking and affordable way to enhance your smile quickly. At Groth Dental, Dr. Kevin Groth provides bonding, shaping, and contouring to improve imperfections like minor chips, gaps, discolorations, and misshapen teeth.

How it Works

The Basics Of Bonding, Shaping, And Contouring

Dental bonding uses a special type of dental resin to fill in gaps and other imperfections, and improve a tooth’s shape. The resin is matched to the exact color of your surrounding teeth, so it looks completely natural once it is applied. Shaping and contouring are often used alongside dental bonding. This process involves the removal of a very small amount of enamel from the surrounding teeth to ensure that your smile looks even, straight, and beautiful.

Know What To Expect

The Dental Bonding Process

To begin, Dr. Groth will clean your mouth and prepare your teeth before he applies the resin. Next, he will choose a resin that matches the color of your surrounding teeth perfectly, and apply it to your tooth, sculpting it into the proper shape and size. Once the resin is molded into the right shape, he will apply a UV light to the resin. This hardens it and allows him to trim it further and refine its shape. Depending on the specifics of your smile, he may also recommend shaping and contouring to remove a small amount of enamel from the surrounding teeth for a more seamless look.

Get The Smile Of Your Dreams

The Benefits Of Bonding

Dental bonding only takes about 30-60 minutes per tooth, which means you can get immediate results. The treatment is also minimally-invasive, so it’s ideal for patients who may be intimidated by the idea of oral surgery. Additionally, dental bonding is very affordable compared to alternatives like veneers and cosmetic crowns, so it’s an ideal option for patients who may want to restore their smile on a budget.

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At Groth Dental

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, Groth Dental offers a wide range of services that will give you the smile of your dreams. Whether you’re interested in bonding, porcelain veneers, whitening, or any other procedure, we’re here to help with honesty and expert advice. Contact us now at (248) 885-8247 to schedule your appointment, or visit our office at 32100 Telegraph Road, Suite 195, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 to get started.

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