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Strengthen and Protect Teeth

Dental Crowns

This versatile dental treatment is most commonly used to protect weak teeth, though dental crowns often also have aesthetic benefits. Dental crowns can be used to cap a tooth after it has been treated with root canal therapy, or to cover a broken tooth, protecting it from further damage. Dental crowns from Groth Dental look and feel natural, so nobody will need to know about your restorative dental work except for you.

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The Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crown treatments typically take two appointments. During your first visit, Dr. Groth will prepare your tooth to make room for the crown. X-rays and impressions are taken of your teeth, then sent to a lab where your custom crown will be created to fit perfectly in your mouth. You’ll be given a temporary crown to wear until your next appointment, where Dr. Groth will finally affix the permanent crown to your tooth.

Versatile Dental Treatment

Types Of Dental Crowns

Crowns are used to complete a number of different dental treatments. Most often, they are used to cap a tooth and keep it strong, either because of damage or decay, or after root canal therapy. However, crowns can also be used to create a bridge that replaces one or multiple missing teeth. They can be used for cosmetic purposes as well to improve a tooth’s shape, alignment, and bite. If you think you may need a crown, call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Groth.

Protect and Strengthen Teeth

at Groth Dental

Whether you need root canal therapy to restore an infected tooth, or you’re interested in replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge, Groth Dental can help with natural-looking crowns. During your consultation, Dr. Groth will listen to your needs to determine which type of crown is right for you. Call us today at (248) 885-8247 or visit us at 32100 Telegraph Road, Suite 195, Bingham Farms, MI 48025.

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