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TMJ/TMD Treatment

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TMJ/TMD Treatment

If you suffer from unexplained headaches or jaw pain, or you notice “locking” or “clicking” sounds when opening or shutting your mouth, you may have a disorder related to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ/TMD). At Groth Dental, Dr. Groth can examine your jaw to determine whether you have TMJ/TMD and provide you with the proper treatment to help relieve pain and discomfort.


The Basics of TMJ/TMD Treatment

TMJ/TMD is caused by a disorder in the temporomandibular joint. This small, complex joint connects your jaw to your skull and is located directly below your ears. It’s responsible for helping you move your jaw when you open your mouth, and it allows you to speak and chew properly. If it becomes damaged, infected, or inflamed, it may begin to cause a number of painful symptoms, such difficulty opening your jaw, radiating pain and headaches, and soreness. While some minor cases of TMJ/TMD may resolve on their own, this condition can often linger and get worse with time. If you notice these persistent symptoms come in for a consultation with Dr. Groth as soon as possible.


What Causes TMJ

TMJ/TMD is a general term, used to refer to any kind of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. One common cause of TMJ/TMD is jaw overuse. For example, if you are chewing gum for several hours per day, you could strain your temporomandibular joint, causing TMJ/TMD. Injuries to the side of the head can also cause the joint to become damaged or inflamed, resulting in TMJ/TMD. Some kinds of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases can also cause the temporomandibular joint to degenerate or become inflamed.

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Options for Treating TMJ/TMD

Treatment for TMJ/TMD depends on the cause of your disorder. For some patients, simply minimizing gum chewing or using a mouth guard to prevent clenching may be enough to resolve the disorder. Corticosteroids may also be injected into the joint to relieve inflammation, or prescription anti-inflammatory drugs may be recommended. Surgery is usually the last resort and is only required in the most serious cases of TMJ/TMD.

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Whether you’re in Beverly Hills, Franklin, or Lynnfield Hill, the team at Groth Dental is equipped to help you understand the causes of your TMJ and offer recommendations for treatment. Contact us at (248) 885-8247, or come to our office at 32100 Telegraph Road, Suite 195, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 to schedule your appointment.

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